Demi, Recruitment Consultant

I come from a very humble, close knit family background that consists of myself, my mum, dad, sister and my niece and nephew. I am from a small town 10 minutes away from Manchester. I have lived and grown here which includes my schooling and college qualifications. I moved to Liverpool at 18years old to be able to study my degree in Dance Practices at Liverpool John Moores University. My goals for the future are to be incredibly successful at a multitude of things, but most importantly to have the passion to go along with it.

My strongest trait is that I am a go getter and extremely ambitious about my life and future. I unapologetically dream BIG which brings me to my brand-new amazing journey here at Lavandi Talent. With little to no experience in the Recruitment industry, Gary, Andy & Tom all seen something in me to give me a chance to pursue a hard-working yet rewarding career. With 2020 being such a struggle for myself personally battling my own Mental Health issues, I feel so supported and valued here which is special and the vibe in our office is second to none!! I am beyond excited to be utilising the skills I already have, along with learning new skills from the team here at Lavandi Talent.

I have such high hopes and much faith in the company becoming a huge success. Here’s to 2021 and beyond – being an enjoyable, hardworking yet rewarding experience for not only us; but also the people we have the pleasure of working with. 

Demi Mercer Lavandi Talent