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The Benefits of Using a Specialist Recruiter to Help you Find Your Next Job

March 29th, 2023

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Written by Genie Head of Client Relationships

Thinking of a career change? Whether you’re looking to move companies or embark on a whole new line of work, you’ll need the right recruiter in your corner. Going it alone can be difficult, as it’s hard to find the right opportunities that match your goals, professional values and your expectations. You could spend a lot of time kissing frogs, without finding a prince.

This is where a specialist recruiter can be hugely useful for you. Many people think of recruiters as primarily working on behalf of the employer, sourcing suitable candidates for vacant roles. But they can also help you launch a targeted search on behalf of job hunters, drawing on their extensive network to link you with opportunities and employers who are actively hiring.

When choosing a recruitment agency to work with, the key word really is ‘specialist’. You need someone who knows your industry inside out, with the right contacts to open doors for you.

Still not convinced? If you’re on the fence about whether or not to use the services of a specialist recruiter, read on. Here are some of the other key benefits on offer:

Saving you time

Job hunting is immensely time-consuming. You’ll spend hour upon hour trawling jobs boards for vacancies, filling in applications and tailoring your CV to suit each role. And this could be on top of working a full working week in your current role.

But despite all of this effort, your dream job may not be advertised in the places you’re looking.

A specialist recruiter can tap into networks you won’t necessarily be able to access. They already know what’s happening and who’s hiring within your industry, and are actively placing people into roles. So, they’re the ideal choice to save you time. You’ll find a suitable role much faster, and avoid all of that time-consuming admin.

Wider networking pool

When you work with a specialist recruiter, you become part of their network. This means you gain access to their other connections, and have access to potentially lucrative new opportunities.

Ordinarily, you’ll apply for jobs alone, and will be assessed by each employer as a candidate coming to them out of the blue. But when a specialist recruitment partner puts you forward for a role, you’ll have the advantage of their credibility and expertise. This could give you that all-important edge on fellow candidates competing for the best roles.

Expert guidance

Navigating recruitment processes can be tough. You don’t always know what to expect, or what an employer is looking for at each stage. Working with a specialist recruiter gives you a helping hand, every step of the way. You’ll get expert advice and guidance, on everything from improving your CV and interview technique through to responding to feedback.

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