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How Safe is my Sales Job from AI?

September 6th, 2023

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Written by Alex Managing Consultant

The rise of AI has sparked a pressing question: will it replace sales roles in the beauty and cosmetics industry? In this exploration of AI's impact, we'll delve into the realm of Account Managers and New Business Developers to understand how this transformative technology is reshaping their roles, rather than replacing them.

Account Managers and New Business Developers are the ultimate "people persons" - outgoing, charismatic, and adept at forging connections that fuel business growth. However, let's be realistic – tasks like data entry, follow-ups, and research aren't typically the strong suits of salespeople. But surprisingly, InsideSales reports that 40% of salespeople's time is consumed by non-sales activities.

AI can automate these boring, repetitive tasks. AI’s prowess in handling these tasks grants salespeople more time to focus on what they excel at - nurturing relationships. Automating data entry, organising follow-ups, and conducting market research - will all eventually be taken over by AI SaaS products, allowing sales people to invest their energy where it truly matters.

But here's the twist. While AI won’t completely overhaul the sales role, it might edge into tasks typically reserved for juniors or interns. This might mean a bit of reshuffling, creating a potential bottleneck for newcomers to break into the industry. It’s a reminder that embracing AI goes hand in hand with evolving and equipping yourself for the changing landscape.

As AI shoulders certain responsibilities, it might alter job dynamics. A rise in competitiveness could arise due to potential workload reductions and subsequent shifts in job availability. However, human rapport often trumps machine interactions. This fact positions sales as a resilient career choice, where human connections remain irreplaceable.

In essence, while AI plays a role, a salesperson's expertise remains indispensable. Embrace AI as a partner, leaving it to manage the mundane aspects. As the sales domain evolves, your charm, connections, and persuasive prowess will continue to reign supreme.

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