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Getting the Right Fit – Employer Branding in The Cosmetics and Beauty Arena

March 24th, 2021

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Written by Gary Co-founder and Director

Here at Lavandi Talent, we’ve noticed that Employer branding has become a hot topic over the last few years. The rise of social media and the corresponding ease with which good and bad publicity can spread is certainly part of that, but I think there is a deeper reason as well. I think we have genuinely changed the way we look at our careers. I recently happened to notice a TV show from the early 2000s that was set in an office, and it struck me how much the world of work has changed in such a relatively short time. Just 20 or so years later and people with the ‘I am just there for the wage’ approach and the grey, 9 – 5 employers, have gone the way of the fax machine and tea trolly. They are part of a bygone era of employment. The rise in awareness of employer branding is probably largely due to the move towards a more equitable, employee-centric workplace.

Employer branding is not just about showing who you are; it is about attracting the people who fit with your values. It is about helping reach out to the right candidates and creating teams. It is about who you really are.


There is no doubt that the cosmetics industry has seen rapid change in recent history. Consumers are far more aware of brand values. Customers are frequently asking the question ‘does this brand fit my values’ as well as considering the attributes of the product. As a result, making the world aware of brand ethics has become far more important to manufacturers. I don’t want to suggest it is a cynical marketing move, though, because I genuinely believe it isn’t. If you are involved in the cosmetics world, you cannot help but see that this change is deeply embedded and driven by a desire to create great products from an ethical base.

Naturally then, this also applies to employer branding. Good employees are not something that happen just as a result of the right salary and contact. When a candidate engages with your employer brand, they are already laying the foundations of a good employee experience.  


At Lavandi Talent, we see employer branding as essentially a window through which you display your employee promise. Just like product branding, it states your unique nature. Because its purpose is to attract the right candidates to your team, it should be honest and clear about who you are as an employer. Things such as your management approach, compensation offer, perks, benefits and other physical or contractual elements will clearly need to be included, but you should also look to display your company culture and, of course, your values. Salary and conditions are rarely the sole drivers for good candidates. An employee who is engaged with your employer brand and your ethos is compelled to take a more positive view of the workplace. A satisfied and involved employee will be more productive, and that, in turn, leads to increased productivity and a better workplace overall.

If you are an ethical brand, it is important to make sure that this is clear and present in your recruitment process. If it is, you will find it easier to attract employees that align with and support your company values. That will have positive echoes that will resonate in the workplace and beyond.

Why not call us to chat? At Lavandi Talent, we are always happy to help you raise the employer branding in your recruitment process to make sure you get the right people.


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